Brake/ Clutch Pedal, 5.75:1


Brake/ Clutch Pedal, 5.75:1 1013

Pedal with a 5.75:1 ratio, designed for manual brake systems. Can also be used as a clutch pedal.

Available straight or with a 2-1/2″ offset. 5.75:1 ratio, 3/8″ thick.

Welded pedal price includes the pivot tube and two Delrin bushings, and is offset towards the right side of the tube. Clutch pedal is offset towards the left side of the tube.

Brackets, etc. in picture not included. Please see Related Parts for complete kits.

Manual pedal is the one on the right in the comparison picture.

$55.65 In stock
Brand:Welder Series
Options Offset pedal only (0) Offset pedal, welded (0) Offset clutch pedal, welded (0) No offset pedal only (0) No offset pedal welded (0) No offset clutch pedal, welded (0)
Brake/ Clutch Pedal, 5.75:1 Pedal with no offset Manual pedal on the right Brake/ Clutch Pedal, 5.75:1