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Mr. MyRideisMe just emailed to remind my commentators that they have to be a MyRideisMe member to win the helmet!  It’s free though… so you can still win a free helmet.


  1. mike s. says:

    if you have a hole in a hard to reach area, and wish to fill or smooth. you can run about 6 to 8 inches of wire out on your mig gun and stick it to your fill piece(I use scrap sheetmetal). then you can feed your wire through the back side of the hole and pull on the wire to hold flush to tack into place. works great for me.

  2. Brad VD says:

    If you are welding small holes body metal, If posible on the either side of the panel use a flat piece of brass against metal too produce a flat welded hole with minimal grinding and far less of a chance of making the hole larger.

  3. Mitch Perkins says:

    When sharpening tungsten for the tig torch, Chuck them up in a cordless drill and spin the tungsten against the grinding rock with the tungsten pointing so the rock is turning straight towards the chuck. it makes perfect points on the tungsten and keeps you from burning fingers as the tungsten heats up from the grinding process.A light pressure sweeping back and forth on the rock keeps the rock dressed off evenly too. Remember, always use a clean rock for tungsten and NEVER grind any other materials on that rock. This will prevent contamination of the tungsten.

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