Custom Multi-Angle Adjusters

We recently had a visit from a Welder Series regular, Grant Schwartz of Schwartz Welding (click here for his Facebook page). You’ve probably heard me talk about Grant before- he knows our product line almost as well as I do and he makes very good use of it!

This time, Grant was hunting for a way to create a multi angle adjuster that was cost-effective, strong, and not as long as his previous version (which utilized a clevis).

Here is what he came up with, along with the parts he used.

Click on the pictures to go to that item in our web store.

Adjuster stud, $8.50.
Flatten the notch, or cut off the large diameter portion of the stud.
Clamp bar for front spring perch kit, $6.00.
This piece is good for two adjusters. Cut next to each hole and weld to the end of the adjuster stud.
Transmission adapter reinforcing tab, $8.30.
Cut both tabs off so they’re the same, then weld them to the tube. You can use #21273 plus a small piece of cereal box as a spacer.
Urethane bushing outer sleeve, $3.15
Urethane bushing kit (includes two bushing halves and an inner sleeve), $9.30

So, what’s the bottom line? Adding the pieces up, including the urethane bushings, two multi-angle adjusters would cost $64.50. I calculated the price for two because you can’t buy half of #21273 (the part that welds to the adjuster stud). You’ll also need a couple bolts and nuts. Clicking on the pictures will take you to that item on our web store. We keep these pieces in stock. What would you use a multi-angle adjuster for? Diagonal locators, control arms… anything where changing the length of the bar would also change the angle of the adjuster.

Thanks for the pictures, Grant!

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